Nature Vision Board

About Nature Vision: Nature Vision (NV) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2003. Our mission is foster appreciation and stewardship of our environment by educating and connecting community to the world around us. We envision an inspired and connected culture where everyone makes choices for a sustainable future. Nature Vision serves over 65,000 PreK-12th grade students annually.

Board Member Terms: Board members serve a three year term without compensation, are volunteers, and have no financial interest in the nonprofit’s business. They are charged with following the Federal and State rules for the proper functioning of a 501c3 non-profit entity. For more info, see

Board Service and Responsibilities:
• Provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance
• Supports the work of NV, advocates for the organization, and puts the organizational welfare about other interests when making decisions.
• Has the right to vote on policy decisions for the organization.
• Attend meetings 4 times annually. Review supporting materials prior to board meetings.
• Serves as trusted advisor and works in partnership with the Executive Director to develop and implement the strategic plan.
• Ensures NV meets all legal and fiduciary responsibilities. Approves NV’s annual budget, financial reports, and material business decisions.
• Participates in the annual evaluation of the Executive Director and ensures the overall performance of the organization.
• Assures on-going recruitment of new board members as terms expire.
• Assists with organization activities as needed.

Board Positions:
• President: ensures work of the board gets done; represents board and organization; runs meetings and keeps order; conducts voting; works directly with Executive Director; ensures smoothest possible functioning of the Board; initiates nominations as board terms complete; serves on committees as needed.
• Vice President: Supports President and steps in in their absence; sets meeting dates and sends out meeting announcements and agendas to the rest of the board; serves on committees as needed.
• Treasurer: Reviews budget summary at each Board meeting; oversees organizational financial activities as needed; serve on committees as needed.
• Secretary: Takes meeting minutes and makes sure minutes include all policy/voting decisions and summarizes what was being discussed; files in the Corporate Notebook as permanent record of Board activity; serve on committees as needed.
• Committee and Advisory Positions: all other board positions are held by voting members who are not serving in officer capacity. These positions help round out committee work and provide strategic advisory competencies for the team as a whole.

Why Join the Nature Vision Board?

The Nature Vision Board is a wonderful volunteer opportunity for an individual who is passionate about enabling environmental education and stewardship organizations to thrive in our community. We reach over 65,000 students annually, reaching diverse groups. Come help our organization to make those nature connections that benefit our community and environment in so many ways!

Ideal candidates have the following qualifications:
Professional experience with leadership accomplishments in private, government, philanthropic, educational or nonprofit sectors.
Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and building consensus among diverse individuals Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving lives.

For more information, check out our website. Email our Board President, Clay Heilman at to express interest and then fill out a Nature Vision Board Application.