Water Conservation Education Program

The Saving Water Partnership (SWP), a collaboration of local water utilities who provide water conservation programs in Seattle and King County is partnering with Nature Vision to bring innovative programs to your students!

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We are very excited to provide FREE programming to your students through this collaboration. These 45 minute to one hour programs support the WA State K-8 Learning Standards and STEM Education.  The menu of programs available consists of in-class and field programs, which suit every grade level and multiple learning styles. Programs to choose from include topics such as: water conservation, water cycle, water supply, salmon cycle, healthy soil, finding and fixing leaks, and much more!   The full list of programs to choose from is detailed below.

Nature Vision is now taking registrations for Saving Water Partnership sponsored in-class and field programs for the school year.  If you have not tried Nature Vision programs in your classroom before, now is a great time. If you have worked with Nature Vision, we look forward to working with your students again!  These programs are offered on a first come, first served basis. Please be aware that scheduling can fill up very quickly.

Program Availability: Programs are available for fall 2019!

To Register: To register online or by fax, please visit Nature Vision’s Program Registration page.

Scheduling Considerations:   We are available to visit your school between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM.  Please allow one hour for each program if possible.  Feel free to schedule programs back to back (10:00, 11:00, 12:00), but if possible please leave 10-15 minutes in between.  Pre-registration is required.

We are looking forward to bringing these exciting new programs to your classrooms! If you have any questions about these programs please do not hesitate to email Nature Vision at info@naturevision.org, or call (425) 836-2697.

Saving Water Partnership Conservation Education Programs to choose from:

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Water Cycle Terrariums
[Grades K-3]
Evaporation, precipitation, condensation! The water cycle boogie goes up and down! Learn about the water cycle and why conservation is important. Imagine yourself as a water drop older than dinosaurs, and make your very own water cycle terrarium to take home.

Water Cycles Round
[Grades 4-5]
Review the steps of the water cycle, and become a water droplet for an hour. Travel to all the places water goes to during the water cycle, including lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, the ocean, plants, animals and you!  Understand simple ways to conserve water at home.

Waterwise Gardening
[Grades 3-5]
Explore how water can be used efficiently in gardens and yards through hands-on activities and an interactive high-energy game. Students will discover how their actions at home and school can have a positive impact on water conservation and the health of their watershed.

Water Conservation
[Grades 4-8]
Did you know that our area receives less rainfall in the summer months than Miami, Florida? Join us for an interactive lesson that will explore what our community can do to conserve our water indoors and outdoors. Students will learn why we need to save water and what every person can do to use water wisely to help keep more water in our local water bodies for wildlife and future generations.

Water Supply
[Grades 4-8]
Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Discover the path clean water takes from its local natural source to your faucet!  Students will explore the human and natural factors that affect our water supply, and what actions they can take to keep this important natural resource pristine and plentiful as our population grows.

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Salmon Cycle
[Grades K-8]
Discover the connection between Pacific salmon, people, and the water we share. The salmon life cycle and what this keystone species requires from its ecosystem is discussed. Students will explore how saving water can benefit salmon, and understand why healthy salmon habitat is good for Northwest ecosystems and people, too!

Healthy Soil Saves Water (formerly Healthy Water, Healthy Soil)
[Grades K-3]
Dig in to healthy soil and discover the living creatures that benefit the soil and plants all around us.  Touch and feel the non-living parts of soil, and explore how healthy soil helps water conservation efforts.

Healthy Soil Saves Water (formerly Healthy Water, Healthy Soil)
[Grades 4-5]
Dig in to healthy soil and discover the living network of decomposers that benefit the ecosystems around us.  Explore how healthy soil lessens the need to irrigate and therefore helps conserve water, an important shared resource.

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Healthy Soil Saves Water (formerly Healthy Water, Healthy Soil)
[Grades 6-8]
Through this hands-on lesson, students will gain an understanding of soil function and physical properties. Students will observe soil texture, structure, infiltration, and analyze.  Students will connect soil composition with the impact of our daily water choices on the natural environment, especially how healthy soil helps water conservation efforts.

Teachers, please note…
Healthy Water, Healthy Soil [Grades 6-8] is a two session programs.  You may register for two separate 50 minute class periods or one 90 minute block.

Water Use Exploration
Grades [2-3]
Discover some of the various ways we use water day to day through hands-on activities, and experiment with water to see how leaks waste large amounts of water over time.  Students will become familiar with easy ways to save water and learn about other daily waterwise habits.

Fix That Leak!
Grades [4-5]
Discover how much water is represented in the different locations water is found on the planet and see how much water is easily accessible for human use.  Students will conduct hands-on experiments and use math concepts to understand the need for waterwise habits. Finding and fixing leaks will be a focus throughout the program, and students will receive materials to take home for real-world applications.

Leaky Faucets and Rates of Flow
Grades [6-8]
Determine flow rate of the various faucets fixtures by using a scientific approach, and discover water-wise habits that will help save our precious resource.  See how leaks can add up to hundreds of gallons of water wasted each year.  There is also a second day option where students will conduct hands-on experiments to calculate a portion of the school’s water use by identifying variables such as faucet leaks and rate of flow of bathroom faucets.  This activity can also be one of the actions that the school completes toward being recognized as a Level Three King County Green School.

Teachers, please note…
Leaky Faucets and Rates of Flow [Grades 6-8] may be registered for as one 50 minute session. However, an optional second 50 minute session (or 90 minute total session) can be one of the actions that the school completes toward being recognized as a Level 3 King County Green School.

Download the flier of programs available here.

Please use out Indoor and Outdoor Water Conservation Infographic in your classroom !  Tell us what you think!  You input is so valuable to improving this resource for our diverse communities!