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Nature Vision offers a wide variety of programming for your school!  Choose from in-class programs or field trips to local parks.

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Nature in the Classroom Nature Vision offers 1 hour inquiry-driven programs in classrooms or other indoor venues focusing on cycles, ecosystems, interdependence, biodiversity, and much more.

Habitat Connections: These 2 part programs are offered to students and community groups in the classroom and outdoors, and focus on habitat connections including: Steam, Wetland, Forest, Puget Sound, and Aquifers.

Watershed Programs: Nature Vision works in partnership with many local cities and water districts to bring water education programming to local schools within service areas. These programs allow students to make connections to local water bodies and ecosystems, understand pollution issues, and learn to protect and conserve water.

Outdoor Discovery Days, Science Fairs, After School Programs: We offer specialty programs for schools and community groups who would like an outdoor day incorporating several integrated programs, a specialist to present at their science fair, or unique after school programming.

Blue Teams K-12 Students become a “Blue Team,” with Nature Vision by completing a stewardship project in their community related to watershed health, such as invasive plant removal, native plant restoration, planting waterwise gardens, finding and fixing leaks, and much more.

Preschool Programs: Nature Vision offers specialty preschool programming year round.

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